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We are an online agency and a service-based marketplace solution designed to provide a space for collaboration between interpreters, multilingual professionals, and institutions that need their services. It is designed with transparency, justice, and integrity. We are here to provide linguists with the most relevant opportunities and to offer desired, correct, and excellent service to clients, whether they are individuals or institutions. The foundation of the company is steeped in principles, and that is why we intend to reinvest any profits in the company to continuously improve the organisation. In the Linguists Collective (LC), we understand how important it is to provide easy access for all our clients and linguists. Our aim is to facilitate our customers and provide the best possible facility for expert linguistic services. Our trained and experienced professionals can help you in any case, and the ability to book a spokesperson is at your fingertips. Whether you're looking for a face-to-face interpreter, a medical or software translator, or an investigative linguist, we have everything you might need under one roof. We only maintain a certified list of the most professional linguists within our system to assure a quality service of utmost integrity and professionalism. Customers get a chance to give feedback, which helps others decide on the service, and gives our linguists an opportunity to address any issues directly. Our company structure combines both an agency and a market, providing a full and complete service to the customer. Customer service is of utmost importance to us. If, for any reason, we cannot provide or find a linguist or professional for the requested service, we are bound to fully refund any deposit paid within 28 days. Our objectives are to make profits, create wealth for LC, and then reinvest and pay dividends to investors and shareholders. We strive to achieve excellence in the language service industry while giving priority to customer satisfaction. We promote better pay and conditions for linguists and language professionals and aim to ensure that LC becomes a multicultural and diverse organisation, with its board continuing to reflect these values.