About Urdu

Urdu is one of the most modern languages. It defines beauty and elegance, being the language of poets who choose Urdu to record their feelings and fantasies. Due to the carefully nurtured evolution of the language and special emphasis on the sounds of Urdu words, many people prefer Urdu, resulting in an abundance of poetry in Urdu compared to other languages. 

Urdu has been referred to as the Persian register of Indian languages. It draws a collection of literary, political, and technical words from Persian, Sanskrit, Arabic, and Hindi. Additionally, in present times, many English words have found their way into Urdu. Urdu became a literary language in the 18th century, and two standard forms emerged in Delhi and Lucknow. After partition in 1947, a third standard was established in Karachi, Pakistan. An old form used in South India became the court language of Deccan sultans in the sixteenth century AD. 

By 2021, Urdu is the 21st largest first language spoken in the world, with a local speaking population of about 61.9 million ( 71.29 million native speakers). According to the 2018 estimates of “Ethnologue,” Urdu is the tenth most spoken language in the world, with a total of 230 million speakers, including those who use it as an additional language. In the broader context of speech, the Indian language (Hindi-Urdu) is considered the third most spoken language in the world. 

Not only is Urdu pleasant to see, but the sounds of its words are also enchanting. From writing songs and poems to being used in schools and courts, Urdu’s decency and adornment give it a unique place among the prestigious languages of the world. Urdu is one of the most sophisticated and beautiful languages in the world, inspiring poets to use it for its beauty and eloquence. The Urdu language consists of 40 alphabets, emphasizing decency and using respectful words, especially when addressing elders or new acquaintances. 

Urdu is a beautiful language that has a unique style of conveying things, exuding the same decency and eloquence to both commoners and the privileged. In Urdu, literature and poetry are so beautifully depicted that the world cannot but appreciate it. It is known to touch the soul, and no other language can portray hidden meanings in prose or poetry the way Urdu does.